Management Committee

Rakesh Shah

Mr. Shah brings over 15 years of expertise in Business Management, Human Resource Management, and Institutional Development. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Studies (MBS) and is certified as a Senior Enterprise Development Facilitator Level-3 by the Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training (CTEVT). Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of Creative Skills Pvt. Ltd, overseeing the comprehensive management of the organization. He is a key member of the management committee. 

Roshan Shah

Mr. Shah boasts 12 years of professional expertise in Program Management. He possesses dual master’s degree in Business Studies (MBS) and International Cooperation and Development (MICD). He currently serves as the Program Manager, guiding the organization by overseeing a diverse range of programs and projects. He is also a valued member of the management committee.

Radha Hamal

Mrs. Hamal boasts a decade of experience in Training Institute Management. She holds a level-2 certification in Beautician and has completed her intermediate education. Currently, she serves as a focal person for certifying youths through the National Skill Testing Board/National Vocational Framework System. She is a valuable member of the management committee.


Yubraj Neupane

Mr. Neupane brings a decade of professional expertise in program implementation at the field level and program monitoring. He holds a bachelor’s degree and has received Training of Trainers (TOT) certification in Business Skills. Additionally, he is skilled in delivering Business and Career Counseling, as well as facilitating the placement of graduates.

Jagyanad Chaudhary

Mr. Chaudhary possesses 8 years of expertise in database management and documentation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies (BBS) and is skilled in maintaining both online and offline records. He is focal person for maintaining legal documents of the company and plays pivotal role in project oversight.

Raj Kumar Prasad Shah

Mr. Shah boasts a five-year track record in administration and finance, backed by a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Proficient in maintaining accounting records, he serves as the primary point of contact for overseeing the organization’s daily financial transactions.

Muskan Yasmin

Ms. Yasmin holds two years of front desk management experience. While she has completed her intermediate education, she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in BBS. Her responsibilities encompass comprehensive front desk management, including proficient interaction and call handling. Additionally, she manages online database, oversees record keeping, and plays vital role for conducting skill tests under NSTB, and coordinates the distribution of certificates.

Genalal Prasad Shah

Mr. Shah brings five years of field management experience to the table. He acts as a vital link between home base and the field. He is responsible for overseeing field management, monitoring and reporting at the office. Additionally, he takes on the responsibility of organizing all essential documents required for youth certification under NSTB.

Kanhai Shah Kanu

Mr. Shah brings over a decade of expertise in operating four-wheel vehicles. He is a high school graduate and holds the driving license to drive both two & four wheelers. His primary role involves ensuring a safe, pleasant, and secure travel experience for our staff & team. Apart from his driving skills, he shoulders responsibilities in store and stock management. Furthermore, he actively contributes to various office operations, showcasing his versatility beyond driving.

Bifiya Devi Nuniya

Mrs Nuniya is an key member of our team. She plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of our workspace . She ensures that our office operates smoothly by assisting in various tasks, supporting different departments, and contributing to the overall efficiency of our workplace.