9. Rural Enterprise and Remittance Project (RERP)/SAMRIDDHI:

Program Description

The Rural Enterprises and Remittances Project (RERP) “SAMRIDDHI” is a seven-year project jointly initiated by Government of Nepal/Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The Government of Nepal is lead agency for the execution of RERP Project. The project aims at reducing poverty with employment-focused and inclusive economic development by providing sustainable sources of income to poor households, migrant families. And returnees through creation of micro, small, and rural medium-sized enterprises as a means of developing local businesses and creating jobs and specifically includes returning migrants among those it supports. Creative Skills Pvt. Ltd. provided Vocational Skill Training and training under leading to apprenticeship model-1.

Major Accomplishment

Component:  Vocational Skills Training

Total participants: 400

Duration: 390 hrs 

Trade Name: Assistant Beautician, Building Electrician, Mobile Phone Repair,Fashion Designer

Place of performance: Bara, Mahottari, Sarlahi, Siraha

Year: 2023 A.D.

Component:  Leading to Apprenticeship Model-1 Training

Total participants: 50

Duration: 900 hrs 

Trade Name: Garment Fabricator

Place of performance: Bara

Year: 2022 A.D.